Percolation behaviour study of metal nanoparticle in DLC matrix


Nosaibeh Esfandiary

Wednesday, 29.11.2017, 17:00
WW8, Raum 2.018, Dr.-Mack-Str. 77, Fürth

Metal nanoparticle in Diamond-like carbon thin films are so usfull.These are important for various applications in electronics and physics. For instance nano gas sensors and biological sciences. In this investigation, we prepared DLC nano-films with Au-impurities by RF-PECVD method. Then we studied their electrical conductivity.

These are three kind of conduction: Tunneling, hopping and direct conduction. Percolation occurs in Three. In this investigation, we made a simple experimental and studied percol pathes. Also we studied the relation between the topological length of the path between two points and the Euclideon distance between them. And we obtain fractal dimensions.