Continuum Dislocation Dynamics (CDD) theory



Nina Gunkelmann, Mehran Monavari, Stefan Sandfeld, Dominik Steinberger, Ronghai Wu, Michael Zaiser

This project investigates dynamic systems of interacting dislocations represented by density-like tensorial quantities in the framework of a continuous field theory (CDD). Our group is concerned with fundamental questions and theory development as well as with applications, e.g., to size-effects in micro-samples or to dislocation pattern formation, where we recently could identify the fundamental mechanism that is responsible also for the formation of cell structures or persistent slip bands during cyclic deformation.

This group is part of the DFG Research Group (“Forschergruppe”) FOR 1650 ( and the European M.ERA-NET project FASS (Fatigue Simulation near Surfaces).

CDD cell structures

 Selected publications: