Modelling Materials with Finite Element Simulation


(Dr. Stefan Sandfeld)

This course is the follow-up course of “Foundations of Finite Element Simulations” and considers advanced continuum mechanical topics of material modeling with FEM. We introduce relevant thermodynamical concepts for deriving analytical models for elasto-plasticity and visco-elasticity as well as models for brittle fracture. These models are then formulated in terms of algorithms which are suitable for numerical implementation in form of FEM material routines. The tutorials will guide the students to apply these concepts using already existing FEM simulation software, which will then be extended with self-written material routines and used to predict mechanical behavior of metals, polymers and biomaterials as well as fracture of ceramics. A critical review of their own results and comparison with experimental data will help the students to understand strengths and limitations of the respective FEM material models.

Prerequisite for this course is the course ‘Foundations of Finite Element Simulations’ or equivalent.